VITALink(R) Fire Rated Cable Products for Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Transit and Transportation Infrastructure, and Commercial Building Applications

Specify VITALink and CircuitSAFE - The Only Safe Choice to Ensure Cable Performance and Circuit Integrity

Circuit Integrity Applications Up To 2000°F
1850F 2 Hours - UL 2196/ULC S-139
Transit and Transportation Infrastructure
1850F 2 Hours - UL 2196/ULC S-139
1700F 1 Hour - UL 2196/ULC S-139
IEC 60331 - 2 Hours, EN 50200 - 2 Hours
2000F 1 Hour UL 1709
VITALink 2000 (Type TC)
2000F 3 Hours IEC 60331
VITALink TC/NCC (Type TC) - ABS Approval
VITALink MC/NCC (Type MC) - ABS Approval
Fire Rated Splices
1850F 2 Hours - UL 2196/ULCS-139


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