Featuring modernized extrusion lines, extensive shielding and jacketing abilities, vast irradiation capabilities, and two distribution centers

Part of the Marmon Group Electrical Sector, a Berkshire Hathaway company, RSCC Wire & Cable continues a long history of innovation that ensures industry-leading products and capabilities.

Standards Committee Participation

Subcommittee D (Generating Station and Industrial Cables)

IEEE 383 Standard for Qualifying Electric Cables and Splices for Nuclear Facilities

IEEE 1202 Standard for Flame Propagation Testing of Wire and Cable

SC-2   Sub Committee-2

IEEE 323/IEC 60780 Nuclear Equipment

IEEE 1682 Nuclear fiber

IEEE/IEC Condition Monitoring Group

SC-3    Sub Committee-3

IEEE 1205 IEEE Guide for Assessing, Monitoring, and Mitigating Aging Effects on Class 1E Equipment Used in Nuclear Power Generating Stations

SC-4  Sub Committee-4

IEEE 98 Standard for the Preparation of Test Procedures for the Thermal Evaluation of Solid Electrical Insulating Materials

ANSI/NIST NESCC (Nuclear Energy Standards Coordination Collaborative)

IEC – TC45 (Nuclear instrumentation)/SC 45A WG 8/9/10

IEEE 1143 Guide on Shielding Practice for Low Voltage Cables

Member D4D Smoke/Toxicity/Corrosive Products of Cable Combustion

Member IEEE 1185 Recommended Practice for Cable Installation in Generating Stations and Industrial Facilities

P1844 Standard Test Procedure for Determining Circuit Integrity Performance of Fire Resistive Cables in Nuclear Facilities

A16D Characteristics of EPR Cables, Vice Chair

D20D Submergence Testing of Nuclear Facilities Cables, Vice Chair

EPRI –Electric Power Research Institute Cable Users Group

NEMA- Power and Control Section

ICEA-Insulated Cable Engineers Association

IEEE 323/IEC 60780 Nuclear Equipment

IEEE 1682 Nuclear fiber

IEEE 383 Nuclear Cable

IEEE/IEC Condition Monitoring Group