Featuring modernized extrusion lines, extensive shielding and jacketing abilities, vast irradiation capabilities, and two distribution centers

Part of the Marmon Group Electrical Sector, a Berkshire Hathaway company, RSCC Wire & Cable continues a long history of innovation that ensures industry-leading products and capabilities.

RSCC Custom Designed Cables

RSCC continues to evolve and lead the market by focusing on technical research in materials and manufacturing methods (originally started by the former Rockbestos and Surprenant companies). Many of the products offered utilize the capabilities described below.

Our team of scientists, engineers, and technicians is dedicated to developing smaller, lighter, tougher, safer, and more reliable products for current and future cabling systems, plus components operating in harsh and extreme environments.

Engineering and R&D - Application engineers continually ask RSCC to solve complex and unique cabling and cable systems problems. We’ve designed and built cables that are pulled through conduit in railroad tunnels and transit systems, strung across cable trays in paper mills, suspended in off-shore oil rigs, and subjected to the intense heat of steel and glass making. Our CT Exane® cables supply power to stage and studio lighting fixtures and are also used in locomotives, transit cars, people mover vehicles, fossil fuel and nuclear power plants, mining machines, and high voltage TV applications.

We produce over 1,500 new wire and cable designs each year and utilize an integrated computer system that tracks over 50,000 active specifications and drawings. This allows rapid specification modification, design cross-reference, and timely reordering for our customers.