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Products for PermaTec

RSCC Perma-TEC Family of Cable Products
And Recently Introduced Perma-Flow
Control Line Products

Petroleum industry's "go-to" cable


Whatever temperature is required, Standard-TEC has you covered. High temp ratings in more severe well conditions: low temperature for more benign applications.  RSCC innovation and advanced manufacturing make us a leader capable of designing products to meet your most severe applications. RSCC downhole cable products are always up to the job

  • Temperature Range - 150C - 300C.
  • Cable armor compressive force prevents the core from snapping due to excessive movement.
  • Single and multi-conductor configurations for deploying several gauges on one TEC line.
  • Weld Line armoring is Eddy current tested
  • Metal Cladding alloy options based on well conditions - 316L, I-825 and I-625.

Patented inner core technology

Pressure-TEC cabling systems add an extra layer of protection by enabling the weld to be verified through an internal pressure test, thus reducing the risk of premature cable failure resulting from a weld defect.

  • Only commercially available 200C pressure testable TEC - 150C cables also available
  • Next generation foamed cable designed to yield a centralized conductor with easier termination and automatic filler layer removal if required.
  • Proprietary manufacturing process creates a superior bonding force between the armor tube and filler layer when compared to standard roll reduced constructions.
  • Bonding assures that the core will not fall into the tube when terminated on the topside as well as pullout from the gauge.
  • Metal Cladding alloy options based on well conditions - 316L, I-825 and I-625

Optimize custom sensing applications

Digi-TEC is available as multi-fiber or a fiber-electric hybrid cable custom designed to your stringent specifications. RSCC has strong ties to many optical fiber manufacturers and can assure the ability to meet the demands of any fiber project

  • Provides digital and analog readings of well conditions such as pressure and temperature
  • Full range of jacket encapsulations from 150C - 300C.
  • Metal Cladding available in 316L, I-825, and I-625.

The multi-component cable system.

Flat-TEC eliminates the need for multiple cables and can be used to perform operations using RSCC Standard-TEC, Pressure-TEC, and Digi-TEC products all in one cable.

  • Configure up to six different parts in one cable - strength members, pressure tubing, and Perma-TEC products
  • Available in a full range of encapsulations from 150C - 300C
  • Specify a broad array of sizes for two to six component flatpacks in various rectangular widths

PermaFlow ®
Control line products

For moving hydraulic or other fluid in smart well, permanent down-hole cable (PDC) applications.

  • Robust welded metal tubes, available in Alloy 316L or Alloy 825 stainless steel
  • Encapsulated with high performance thermoplastic or elastomer materials functional in either 150C or 200C operating temperature environments.


The RSCC Downhole Products division will continue to work directly with its worldwide network of customers to design cable for use not only for today's oil reservoir monitoring and extraction processes, but also in the development of future technologies that will support energy discovery for decades to come.

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