RSCC manufactures a wide variety of High Performance Power, Control and Instrumentation for use in demanding Industrial applications.

RSCC’s VitaLink 2 Hour Fire Safety cable is the clear choice for Commercial applications

RSCC Commercial and Industrial Cables

The RSCC family of high performance Commercial and Industrial products feature the innovative cross-linked technology of RSCC’s proprietary compounds. They are engineered for long service life in harsh and demanding environments.


Thermoset Constructions
Flame Retardant
Excellent Mechanical Properties
Abrasion Resistance
Flexible Constructions

Industrial Cables

Rock-Tuff Single Conductor Mining Cable
Rock-Tuff VFD Cable

Rock-Flex Flexible Control Cable

Rock-Tuff LSZH XHHW-2 Power & Lighting Cable
Rock-Tuff LSZH RHW-2 Power Cable

Rock-Tuff Power Cable
Rock-Tuff Control Cable
Rock-Tuff Instrumentation Cable

Commercial Cables

MC 2 Hour Fire Rated CT VitaLink Cables

Rock-Flex Central Office Power Cable